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ChristChurch Billericay

Christchurch outline

ChristChurch serves the people of west Billericay, and is one of the churches in the Billericay team. Our motto is "Growing in Love for Christ and our Neighbours".  Here's the 'official' page. Here's my history project from the Course in Christian Studies, as we move into 2005, and our 40th birthday "year of mission", its also good to look back.

 All the Christian Churches in Billericay work together, see more here.

Click here for the Christ church youth ministry pages.

Here are some more links relevant to our church.

We are part of  Chelmsford Diocese.  C of E  is the Central Church of England Web Site

The Church Mission Society (CMS)organises the link missionaries, and arranges for their funding.

From 2004 our link missionaries are Peter and Alison Roots and you can see their news letters here.  They are friends of ours from years ago and both were members of Christ church.  Before they left for Tanzania, the were at Great Chesham. They are now based at Mvumi Hospital.  Here is the Mvumi site.  We visited Mvumi on our trip to Tanzania, it is close to Dodoma, and Mslato.

Until February 2003 our Link Missionaries were Martin and Rosie Groth.  They had expected to go to the Congo, but ended up in Tanzania. In July 2000 a team from christchurch went to visit them at Mslato Bible College. Two of us were privelidged to be part of the team.  Read the Tanzania trip story here. Martin and Rosie are currently back in the UK, and based in Oxford.


Mvumi Map

Tanzania in Africa