About Me

I am part of a family of six, that is to say my wife and I have four children.  You can see their pages on this site.  They update them occasionally, very occasionally.  You can also see some of our other interests and get some clues to how we live our lives, but for the more day-to day try the blog.

Maybe I'll put pictures here one day - but it really doesn't enhance the site!

In July 2002, I visited Tanzania, read more about it here 


As you can see from the front page I regularly attend church, in September 2005 I started training in the Reader ministry.  On October 13th 2007 I was licensed. This allows me to "preach and teach in a pastoral context", which means I am licensed to speak in church, among other things.  For this I have had to give up my work with 11-14's, only temporarily I hope.  There are loads of places you can go to get more info about Jesus, try this link for starters "Who is He?", but you'll have to make up your own mind sooner or later.


We live in Billericay in Essex, I am one of the few who commute almost every day (on First Group UK Bus Essex) to the county town - the City of Chelmsford.  I work in the computer industry, but my company is in the Electricity Supply business.
I'm the Senior Developer, and design systems and progran in VB


By the time I arrive home there is little of interest left on television, but I do get my favourite programs recorded - here are some of them:


Great entertainment for a Saturday evening or any other time..  This should keep the 5 year olds behind the sofa.

Torchwood, well worth a watch, and about to start series 2 on Jan 16

Dead Ringers is probably the funniest thing on TV for quite a whiole. John Culshaw doing George Bush

This didn't ought to be funny, but it is!!

Coupling, is a Friends rip off, but being British, is our type of comedy.

My daughter is responsible for my being hooked on CSI.

Another interesting program
Here is a
damaris article reflecting on the program

Little Britain didn't ought to be funny, but it is!!

Star Trek - All Series, although I haven't seen much of 'Enterprise' yet.  When its on.

Buffythe vampire slayer, was great, but is now finished.

So much for TV, then there are always books.


Sports - F1

My favourite sport is F1 - only watching it - driving would be better.

2000-2008 Results

2009 Results

 2010 One-liner Team reviews

Formula 1 Official Site


Mercedes GP

Much is expected as the old pairing (Brawn & Schumacher) returns.

Drivers – Michael Schumacher, Nico Rosberg

2009 BrawnGP
2008 Honda
2007 Honda  
2006 British American Racing


Ferrari – 2009 was not a good season for Ferrari. Much more is expected in 2010 with the return of Massa

Drivers Fernando Alonso, Philipe Massa.


Red Bull who so nearly pipped the Brawn will be hoping to make it to top spot. Having retained the drivers they must have a good chance.

Drivers: Sebatian Vettel, Mark Webber

2005 Red Bull Racing


Force India made great strides in 2009. Good luck for 2010.

2008 Force India
2007 Spyker
2006 Midland F1
2005 Jordan (and before.)

Drivers: Adrian Sutil, Vitantonio Liuzzi



McLaren have much to live up two. The only team with two champions.

Drivers: Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button


Toro Rosso - Red Bull's 2nd team 2006 onwards
Minardi to 2005.

No more beating big brother in 2009, but can they in 2010?

Drivers: Sebastien Buemi, Jaime Alguersuari

Renault Disappointing in 2009, now no Alonso, but perhaps new drivers is what they really need.

Drivers: Robert Kubica, Vitaly Petrov


Sauber (without BMW?) with a ne line up and an old manager – should be an interesting year.

2006 BMW
Sauber to 2005.  

Drivers: Pedro de la Rosa, Kamui Kobayashi



Stefan Grand Prix

Does not appear on the team list

Toyota  2002-2009


Williams and the return of Cosworth to F1 – a promising year – lets hope.

Drivers: Rubens Barrichello, Nico Hulkenberg

Super Aguri (2006-2008) was sold to Franz Hilmer, who failed to get the team renamed Brabham onto the 2010 grid.

Used the Orange Arrows chassis for 2006. 

New Teams for 2010


The name is back, but its a completely new team. Good driver line up, if the car works well it should be an interesting season.

Drivers: Jarno Trulli, Heiki Kovalainen


Drivers: K Chandhok, B Senna


A completely virtual car (from a design point of view)

Drivers: Timo Glock, L di Grassi



Here is  the Premier Christian Radio site.
 The Confessor  



The Disc World Series

Discworld Fandom


Reign of Terror - Reign of Love

Four Gospels, One Jesus?  



Click on the link below to download the recording of the sermon

Luke 1:1-25 - the lot fell on Zachariah    for 10 Dec 2006 at 6:30pm at St Mary's Prittlewell. (This is an early read through only)

The texts of most of my sermons are here, on one of my blogs, my main blog is here.